[Best Practices for Green Vegetable Lean Congee]

Green vegetable lean meat porridge is a very common dish, because many people do not like to eat green vegetables themselves, but lean meat porridge is more delicious. In order to drink lean meat porridge, everyone will add some greens in it to solve the greasy and match lean meat.Porridge, you can also eat a little green vegetables. When you wash vegetables, you should pay attention to the outer layer, and clean the roots one by one. These are important parts of pesticide residues.

Ingredients for green bacon congee: green vegetables, bacon, half a bowl of rice. Step 1: Rinse and clean the greens, drain the water and chop them for later use.

Step 2: Soak the bacon in warm water and dice.

Boil the oil in the pan, heat the oil into the bacon and stir fry a few times.

If you don’t have bacon, you can buy bacon or sausage instead.

Step 3: Pour the greens and stir-fry a few times. After the greens are simmered, pour the washed rice.

Step 4: Add water, add two teaspoons of salt, and heat to medium-low heat after boiling over high heat.

Put a spoon (change the boiling direction to prevent overflow of the pot), and cover it with a 2 cm wide gap.

Step 5: Cook for 20 minutes so you can turn off the heat and eat.

The simple green vegetable porridge is sometimes more fragrant than the big fish and meat. If you have a bad taste, try to make it. I believe I’m not wrong.

Lean congee ingredients: Northeast pearl rice (round grains) in a small bowl, 80 grams of lean pork minced pork, one preserved egg, ginger, spring onion, and coriander.

Method 1, first wash the rice, then soak, I let soak for 4 hours; 2, put water in the pot, I put 5 bowls, cold water to put minced meat, ginger, and minced meat, put it by hand; 3, water soaked rice.

After the pot is turned on again, turn off the medium heat until the rice grains are soft and rotten; 4. Add the sliced preserved eggs and season with salt;

Brief introduction of squid bone lean meat porridge Squid bone promotes the elimination of ulcers, prevents bleeding, and has the effect of reducing local pain.

Can be used as an anti-cancer diet tonic.

Materials: 15 grams of squid bone, 10 grams of Guangchen peel, 50 grams of lean pork, 100 grams of rice.

Method 1: Wash and chop the lean pork; put the squid bone and broad-skin peel into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and remove the residue after boiling to get juice.

2. After the rice is washed, pour it into a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and then add pork minced pork and cook together. When the porridge is cooked, pour in the medicinal sauce, and cook for two or three times.

Preserved Egg and Lean Congee Ingredients for congee: 1 lean (pig tendon is the best), 2 preserved eggs (lead-free preserved eggs), 1 ginger, sufficient water, oil and salt.

Formula 1.
Picking rice: The best rice for porridge is northeast rice, which is short round pearl rice, and the porridge is soft.

2.Porridge rice should be marinated beforehand: after about half a bowl of rice is washed, use 2 tablespoons of oil, 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt and seasoning water (2 teaspoons) to mix well, and marinate for at least half an hour.

Rest assured, although a lot of oil is used, the oil will volatilize during the porridge process, making the rice rotten, so it is not greasy.

3.The porridge meat must be boiled in boiling water to be fishy or marinated: use porridge or marinated lean lean meat to keep porridge, and do not cut a whole piece of meat (I generally use about the size of a palm,1?
2 cm thick piece of pork, if conditions permit, pork tendon meat tastes better).

If you use lean meat to cook porridge, first cook the lean meat slightly with boiling water and then wash it; if you prefer to use salted pork to cook porridge, you should pickle salted pork one day in advance, as follows: one piece of pork, rinse well,Dry and sprinkle 2?
3 teaspoons of salt, spread evenly on the meat, and marinate in the freezer for 12 hours.

4.The water for the porridge needs to be boiled well before the ingredients: put a lot of water in the large soup pot, and boil before putting the ingredients.

Put the meat pieces, ginger slices first, don’t turn off the heat, the meat pieces get boiling water, the outside part is heated and cooked hard, and the gravy inside is sealed, so that the meat is not unpalatable after the porridge is cooked.

Then when the water boils again, the marinated rice and a chopped preserved egg, and this first preserved egg is chopped and the porridge is cooked with the rice. The preserved egg will melt and blend into the flavor of the porridge.

5.The fire is high first, then the low fire, and the heat needs to be sufficient: the water is boiling. After the materials are boiled, first cook for 20 minutes on a high fire, and then turn to low heat for 1 and a half hours.

6.Texture processing of porridge: After turning to low heat and cooking for an hour and a half, the second preserved egg is also chopped, and at the same time, the lean meat cooked in the porridge is removed, and chopped with a chopsticks, torn into a silky shape.Put the two preserved eggs back into the porridge, cook for the last half hour, then turn off the heat.

The second preserved egg is added to the porridge half an hour before the fire is turned off. The second preserved egg can be cooked without lime flavor and softened in half an hour. You can also have preserved eggs when eating porridge, and the meat is boilingNowadays, it still maintains a certain umami taste. After being shredded, it is put back into the porridge, which is especially delicious.