[The practice of Wuji yam soup]_ The common practice of Wuji yam soup _ The practice of Wuji yam soup _ How to make Wuji yam soup

Many good foods are not only played by restaurant chefs.

You can do it yourself at home, of course, you need to learn it yourself.

The following describes the practice of Wuji yam soup. Learn it by yourself and try it at home1.

The black-bone chicken is removed from useless things, cleaned, and flew over with water with ginger slices and cooking wine.

Add enough water to the soup pot, add the whole chicken, boil the powder after the high heat, add ginger slices, spring onions, longan, jujube, cooking wine, turn off the low heat and cook for 45 minutes 3

After yam peeling and washing, use a paring knife to beat the long strips, rinse them with water and put them into chicken soup. After medium-high heat for 10 minutes, add salt and coriander seasoning.

This is a real problem, and you need to solve it yourself.

Today, you who know all the methods of Wuji yam soup can really change yourself.