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Basically drinking milk helps to supplement calcium, and through the improvement of health concept, more and more people are loyal to high-calcium milk.

The word Wenshengyi high-calcium milk refers to milk rich in calcium. For people in urgent need of calcium supplement, drinking high-calcium milk is more helpful for calcium supplementation.

But what is high calcium milk?

What is the difference between high calcium milk and ordinary milk?

The so-called high calcium milk, as the name implies, is milk with higher calcium content.

The calcium content in milk is enhanced by artificial addition to increase its nutritional value.

Also called calcium-fortified milk.

The so-called fortification, in nutrition, is to supplement a certain nutrient in a certain food, and such food is called “nutritional fortified food”.

In fact, there are many such “nutritional fortified foods” in life, such as iodized salt and iron soy sauce.

High calcium milk is to “fortify” the calcium in milk, but it is also a “calcium supplement” for milk.

It is rumored that you should drink high-calcium milk for calcium supplementation, because high-calcium milk contains more calcium and the effect of calcium supplementation is better.

The truth In fact, the raw material of high calcium milk is also ordinary milk, but during the production process, artificially adding some extra calcium can also become a higher calcium content in high calcium milk.

Although we usually call it high calcium milk, it actually has a more professional name: “calcium fortified milk”.

The so-called fortification, in nutrition, is to supplement a certain nutrient in a certain food, and such food is called “nutrition-fortified food”.

In fact, there are many such “nutritional fortified foods” in life, such as iodized salt and iron soy sauce.

High calcium milk is to “fortify” the calcium in milk, but it is actually “supplementing calcium” to milk.

Many calcium-containing substances can be added to high-calcium milk as calcium agents, such as calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, calcium phosphate, milk calcium, calcium citrate, and the like.

At present, calcium carbonate and milk calcium are used more often.

Adding calcium to high-calcium milk is also limited. Adding a large amount of calcium to milk is actually a very technically difficult thing, which can easily destroy the stability of the protein system and affect the taste and sterilization stability[5].

On average, the calcium content in 100 ml of ordinary milk is between 90 and 120 mg.

那 么什么样的牛奶才能称之为 “ 高钙奶 ”根据我国最新的营养标签标准中规定 , 比普通牛奶的钙含量高 出 2 5 % 以上 , 才能称之为 “ 高钙奶 ” 8 [] 。 In other words, the calcium content of high-calcium milk should theoretically be more than 25% higher than ordinary milk.

That is to say, the theoretical calcium content per 10 ml of high calcium milk should be 112 mg to 150 mg.

Milk itself is already a high-calcium food. There is a delicate balance between protein and calcium, just like riding a scooter. Each position corresponds to a calcium ion. They sit in their respective positions safely and orderly.With a group of other calcium, this balance is bound to be broken, and some people will have no seat.

The trace amount of casein in milk is very sensitive to calcium ions. The addition of calcium will cause bridge flocculation between caseins at the milky interface of the milk, resulting in problems such as precipitation and milking.

Studies have found that when calcium carbonate is used, the amount of calcium carbonate added is zero.

5 ‰ -2.

0 ‰ or milk calcium is added at 0.

5 ‰ -1.

At 5 ‰, the precipitation in the high-calcium milk gradually increased, and, as the restoring time prolonged, this precipitation became more and more increased.

The calcium content of high-calcium milk is only slightly higher than that of pure milk. For every 10 milliliters of milk, the calcium content of brand 1 pure milk is 792 mg, while the calcium content of its high-calcium milk is 81.

2 mg; calcium content in brand 2 pure milk is 9 7

3 毫克 , 其高钙奶含钙量为 10 7 4 毫克 9 [] 。 It can be seen that the difference between the calcium content of many so-called high-calcium milk products and ordinary full-fat milk may not reach more than 25%. Compared with ordinary skimmed milk, there is not that much difference.

Therefore, in terms of calcium content, “high calcium milk” is not as “different” as expected, and extra money does not necessarily bring more calcium.

In addition, the national standard GB14880-2012 “Standards for the Use of Food Nutrition Enhancers” also has strict requirements on the amount of calcium added, which is based on the results of local residents’ needs and risk assessments.

As much as possible, avoid and avoid adding too much to affect the taste, and the body is not easy to absorb.

Therefore, in the production of high-calcium milk, “calcium” can not be added as much as you want.Milk has a high calcium content. The calcium content of every 10 milliliters of milk is usually about 10 milligrams / 10 milliliters. Drinking a glass of 250,000 grams of milk can dissolve about 250,000 milligrams of calcium, which is equivalent to 1/3 of a day.

In addition, the calcium in milk is easily absorbed by the human body. The calcium in milk exists in free form and can be directly absorbed. The other 2/3 of calcium is bound to casein, which will replace the digestion of casein.When released, it is easily absorbed.

The artificially added calcium has a very low absorption rate.

Affected by cost, most of the high-calcium milk now contains calcium carbonate, which is not ideal for absorption in the human body.

Conclusion High-calcium milk has a higher calcium content than ordinary milk, but the milk itself is rich in calcium. The increased amount of “calcium” does not cause a huge difference, and the large absorption effect does not have the calcium of milk itself.it is good.

In addition to the normal diet for adults, half a catty of ordinary milk per day, coupled with high-calcium foods such as leafy greens or tofu, can meet daily calcium needs.

There is no need to deliberately buy high calcium milk.