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In addition to drinking breast milk and milk powder for nine-month-old babies, parents should appropriately add some complementary foods, because breast milk and milk powder can already provide the baby with the nutrition he needs.

But some parents would like to give their children some other fruits and other foods. Apricot is a kind of sour fruit. Eating more is good for people.

Can a nine month old baby eat apricots?

You can eat more fruit. You can eat the food in nine months, just make it finer.

Here are 9-10 months baby recipes, you can refer to: 9-10 months recipes Daily meals: puree vegetables (2 times a day, noon and evening), breast milk or formula (minus the normal number of meals)Go 1 time), porridge (soft rice if you have teeth) 1 meal (noon is better) Other complementary foods: fresh fruits and vegetables (just once a day, a small amount, otherwise diarrhea), meat paste, fish paste, eggsPorkPuffed food, food with color) 20 pieces of Peanut Porridge and Peanut Rice, 5 pieces of red dates, 30 grams of rice, moderate sugar.

(1) Wash and peel the peanut rice, add it to the pot and add water to cook until it is mature, then add red dates to continue to cook.

The cooked red dates are peeled and pitted, and then mixed with peanut rice to make a spare.

(2) Wash the rice and put it in a pot, add water to cook into a thin porridge.

(3) After the porridge is cooked, mix in the red dates and peanut puree, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and stir well to bring it out of the pan.

Three-colored pork liver porridge was previously 30 grams of rice, 30 grams of liver, half a carrot, 3 spinach, minced ginger, refined salt, sesame oil seasoning, chicken soup (or broth) 1 large spoon.

(1) Put rice into the pot and add water to cook into a gruel.

(2) Wash and chop pork liver, chop carrots into pieces, peel and chop tomatoes, and chop spinach with boiled water.

(3) Put the pork liver puree and carrots in the pot, add the chicken broth and cook, and add the cooked porridge with tomatoes and spinach.

(4) Season with salt and cook for a while. Add a little sesame oil at the end.

About fish mud: Pack clean fish and cut into 2 cm pieces, fish soup, starch.

Wash the fish, add a small amount of salt and boil it in hot water, remove the bone spurs and skin, put it in a bowl, grind it, and then add the fish soup to the pot to cook; mix the starch with water and pour it into the pot, cook until the paste is overFish: 1 tablespoon of fish, 2 tablespoons of grated white radish, and spoon of kelp.

After the fish is cleaned and boiled in hot water, remove the bone spurs and skin, grind in the container and put it in the pot with the white radish, then add the seafood soup and cook until it is pasty.

Salmon mini rice ball 1.

Freshly fried salmon is carefully shredded and prepared with 2 tablespoons.


Remove the water from the hot vegetables and chop them up. Prepare 2 tablespoons for use.


Mix the above ingredients with soft rice and knead them into small rice balls.