[Best Practices for Green Vegetable Lean Congee]

[Best Practices for Green Vegetable Lean Congee]

Green vegetable lean meat porridge is a very common dish, because many people do not like to eat green vegetables themselves, but lean meat porridge is more delicious. In order to drink lean meat porridge, everyone will add some greens in it to solve the greasy and match lean meat.Porridge, you can also eat a little green vegetables. When you wash vegetables, you should pay attention to the outer layer, and clean the roots one by one. These are important parts of pesticide residues.

Ingredients for green bacon congee: green vegetables, bacon, half a bowl of rice. Step 1: Rinse and clean the greens, drain the water and chop them for later use.

Step 2: Soak the bacon in warm water and dice.

Boil the oil in the pan, heat the oil into the bacon and stir fry a few times.

If you don’t have bacon, you can buy bacon or sausage instead.

Step 3: Pour the greens and stir-fry a few times. After the greens are simmered, pour the washed rice.

Step 4: Add water, add two teaspoons of salt, and heat to medium-low heat after boiling over high heat.

Put a spoon (change the boiling direction to prevent overflow of the pot), and cover it with a 2 cm wide gap.

Step 5: Cook for 20 minutes so you can turn off the heat and eat.

The simple green vegetable porridge is sometimes more fragrant than the big fish and meat. If you have a bad taste, try to make it. I believe I’m not wrong.

Lean congee ingredients: Northeast pearl rice (round grains) in a small bowl, 80 grams of lean pork minced pork, one preserved egg, ginger, spring onion, and coriander.

Method 1, first wash the rice, then soak, I let soak for 4 hours; 2, put water in the pot, I put 5 bowls, cold water to put minced meat, ginger, and minced meat, put it by hand; 3, water soaked rice.

After the pot is turned on again, turn off the medium heat until the rice grains are soft and rotten; 4. Add the sliced preserved eggs and season with salt;

Brief introduction of squid bone lean meat porridge Squid bone promotes the elimination of ulcers, prevents bleeding, and has the effect of reducing local pain.

Can be used as an anti-cancer diet tonic.

Materials: 15 grams of squid bone, 10 grams of Guangchen peel, 50 grams of lean pork, 100 grams of rice.

Method 1: Wash and chop the lean pork; put the squid bone and broad-skin peel into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and remove the residue after boiling to get juice.

2. After the rice is washed, pour it into a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and then add pork minced pork and cook together. When the porridge is cooked, pour in the medicinal sauce, and cook for two or three times.

Preserved Egg and Lean Congee Ingredients for congee: 1 lean (pig tendon is the best), 2 preserved eggs (lead-free preserved eggs), 1 ginger, sufficient water, oil and salt.

Formula 1.
Picking rice: The best rice for porridge is northeast rice, which is short round pearl rice, and the porridge is soft.

2.Porridge rice should be marinated beforehand: after about half a bowl of rice is washed, use 2 tablespoons of oil, 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt and seasoning water (2 teaspoons) to mix well, and marinate for at least half an hour.

Rest assured, although a lot of oil is used, the oil will volatilize during the porridge process, making the rice rotten, so it is not greasy.

3.The porridge meat must be boiled in boiling water to be fishy or marinated: use porridge or marinated lean lean meat to keep porridge, and do not cut a whole piece of meat (I generally use about the size of a palm,1?
2 cm thick piece of pork, if conditions permit, pork tendon meat tastes better).

If you use lean meat to cook porridge, first cook the lean meat slightly with boiling water and then wash it; if you prefer to use salted pork to cook porridge, you should pickle salted pork one day in advance, as follows: one piece of pork, rinse well,Dry and sprinkle 2?
3 teaspoons of salt, spread evenly on the meat, and marinate in the freezer for 12 hours.

4.The water for the porridge needs to be boiled well before the ingredients: put a lot of water in the large soup pot, and boil before putting the ingredients.

Put the meat pieces, ginger slices first, don’t turn off the heat, the meat pieces get boiling water, the outside part is heated and cooked hard, and the gravy inside is sealed, so that the meat is not unpalatable after the porridge is cooked.

Then when the water boils again, the marinated rice and a chopped preserved egg, and this first preserved egg is chopped and the porridge is cooked with the rice. The preserved egg will melt and blend into the flavor of the porridge.

5.The fire is high first, then the low fire, and the heat needs to be sufficient: the water is boiling. After the materials are boiled, first cook for 20 minutes on a high fire, and then turn to low heat for 1 and a half hours.

6.Texture processing of porridge: After turning to low heat and cooking for an hour and a half, the second preserved egg is also chopped, and at the same time, the lean meat cooked in the porridge is removed, and chopped with a chopsticks, torn into a silky shape.Put the two preserved eggs back into the porridge, cook for the last half hour, then turn off the heat.

The second preserved egg is added to the porridge half an hour before the fire is turned off. The second preserved egg can be cooked without lime flavor and softened in half an hour. You can also have preserved eggs when eating porridge, and the meat is boilingNowadays, it still maintains a certain umami taste. After being shredded, it is put back into the porridge, which is especially delicious.

[What to do if the cake is melted]_Melted_What to do

[What to do if the cake is melted]_Melted_What to do

In summer, because the weather is hot, we should buy less cake when we eat the cake, or the cream on the cake will be gone, especially for some cheese cakes, its melting point is very low and largeMost dessert shops display it in display cabinets so that you can see its beauty and freshness. What should I do if the cake is melted?

Indigestion can be a symptom of a problem in the stomach, small or large intestine, or it can be a disease in itself.

Symptoms include bloating, abdominal pain, heartburn, interval, nausea, vomiting, and a burning sensation after eating.

Food allergies may be the cause. Chronic stomach problems, stress in life, emotional stress, and lack of digestive enzymes can all cause digestive problems.

If you talk and eat while eating, eating soup while eating can easily cause indigestion.

Sugar foods contain bacteria and are a major source of exhaust.

You need to find foods that you cannot digest and avoid them for longer.

Home treatments to measure gastric acid deficiency. Gastric acid deficiency is the direct cause of indigestion. You can do a gastric acid self test.

Take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

If this causes heartburn to disappear, then you need more chloride (you can drink pure apple juice with water during the meal).

If this makes the symptoms worse, it means that you have too much hydrochloric acid and don’t take enzymes containing hydrochloric acid.

Maintain a balanced diet Keep your diet balanced and add fiber, such as cereals such as fresh fruits and vegetables and whole wheat.

Need to chew slowly and not swallow.

Avoid foods Avoid refined sugars, bread, cakes, macaroni, dairy products, caffeine, orange fruits, tomatoes, green peppers, carbonated drinks, potato chips, junk food, fried foods, spicy foods, red meat,Beans, cola.

Reduce salt intake.

Processed food, junk food, and all dairy products can irritate mucous membranes and cause protein indigestion.

Reduce the amount of peanuts, lentils and soybeans.

They both contain an enzyme inhibitor.

Pay attention to the matching of food with protein and starch, vegetables and fruits are not a good match. It is best not to use milk with three meals. The combination of sugar and protein or starch is not good for digestion.

To deal with sulfuric acid expansion gas, the upper half of the digestive system expansion gas can use trace viscera, and the lower half of the digestive system expansion gas can use trace minerals.

Antacids are not effective for both exhaust and expansion gas.

When the gas is too much, use a fresh lemon to make juice and add about 1.

14 liters of warm water is considered an enema to balance the pH in the body.

If degassing continues for several days, use a bifurcated enema

[Fresh dried longan blood?]

[Fresh dried longan blood?]

Everyone knows that longan is a very nutritious food. Many people prefer to eat dry longan, and we can also add some longan when we make hot pot base. In fact, longan is eaten in various ways, oftenEating longan is also good for the body. For some people with weak qi and blood, you can use longan as a snack to replenish qi and blood. Is fresh fresh longan nourishing blood?

Of course, the blood is replenished. Yuangu was called longan, also known as longan, round eye, fuguiyuanyuan, puzzle and so on. It belongs to the genus Sapinidae.

Fresh longan flesh is milky white, translucent, sweet as honey, and the dried meat becomes dark brown and flexible. It is called longan meat, which is edible and medicinal.

Contains sugar, protein and various vitamins and other nutrients, it is one of the delicious fruits people love.

Longan is very rich in nutritional ingredients, with protein 1 per 100 grams of fresh longan.

2 grams, aunt 0.

1 gram, carbohydrate 16.

2 grams, 13 mg calcium, 26 mg phosphorus, 0 iron.

4 mg, thiamine 0.

04 mg, riboflavin 0.

03 mg, Niacin 1.

0 mg, ascorbic acid 60 mg.

The content of protein, carbohydrates and minerals in the dried product increased significantly, but the content of ascorbic acid decreased due to the effects of processing.

Carbohydrates are mainly in the form of glucose and sucrose, so they have a sweet taste.

In addition, it also contains adenine, choline, tartaric acid and other substances.

Because it contains a lot of trace elements that are good for human health, longan has long been a good medicine.

Its main functions are soothe the nerves, cure insomnia, forgetfulness, and surprise.

The ancients highly valued the nutritional value of longan, and many cursive books introduced the nourishing and health-care effects of this product.

As early as the Han Dynasty, longan was used as a medicine.

Yan its function to raise the mind and intellectual wisdom.

It has the effects of nourishing and strengthening the body, replenishing the heart and soothe the nerves, nourishing the blood and strengthening the yang, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, and moisturizing and beauty.

Longan has a high sugar content and contains glucose which can be directly absorbed by the human body. It is weak and anaemic, old and debilitated, and chronically ill. It is very beneficial to eat some longan. It is also an important supplement food for women after giving birth.
Longan has nicknames such as longan, puzzle, and bead. Because its seeds are round and shiny, and the umbilical cord is white, it looks like the legendary “dragon” eyes, hence its name.

Fresh longan is extremely tender, juicy and sweet, and delicious, which is unmatched by other fruits.

Fresh longan is dried into dried fruits and becomes longan in traditional Chinese medicine.

Longan contains a variety of nutrients, has the effect of nourishing blood and soothing nerves, strengthening brain and nourishing, nourishing the heart and spleen, and is a traditional food for strengthening the spleen and wisdom. It has better effects on insomnia, heart palpitations, nervous breakdown, memory loss, and anemia.

Some domestic scholars have published related papers on anti-aging of longan, suggesting that longan will become a rare anti-aging food.

After anticancer research on dozens of natural foods and drugs in many countries, it was found that the inhibition rate of longan on uterine fibroids exceeds 90%, which has attracted the attention of medical scientists.

Menopause in women is a stage in which gynecological tumors occur.

Properly eating longan is good for your health.

Longan has a tonic effect, and it has a supplementary effect on those who need to recuperate and have a weak constitution after illness.

[Can nine months baby eat apricots]_ September baby _ can you eat

[Can nine months baby eat apricots]_ September baby _ can you eat

In addition to drinking breast milk and milk powder for nine-month-old babies, parents should appropriately add some complementary foods, because breast milk and milk powder can already provide the baby with the nutrition he needs.

But some parents would like to give their children some other fruits and other foods. Apricot is a kind of sour fruit. Eating more is good for people.

Can a nine month old baby eat apricots?

You can eat more fruit. You can eat the food in nine months, just make it finer.

Here are 9-10 months baby recipes, you can refer to: 9-10 months recipes Daily meals: puree vegetables (2 times a day, noon and evening), breast milk or formula (minus the normal number of meals)Go 1 time), porridge (soft rice if you have teeth) 1 meal (noon is better) Other complementary foods: fresh fruits and vegetables (just once a day, a small amount, otherwise diarrhea), meat paste, fish paste, eggsPorkPuffed food, food with color) 20 pieces of Peanut Porridge and Peanut Rice, 5 pieces of red dates, 30 grams of rice, moderate sugar.

(1) Wash and peel the peanut rice, add it to the pot and add water to cook until it is mature, then add red dates to continue to cook.

The cooked red dates are peeled and pitted, and then mixed with peanut rice to make a spare.

(2) Wash the rice and put it in a pot, add water to cook into a thin porridge.

(3) After the porridge is cooked, mix in the red dates and peanut puree, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and stir well to bring it out of the pan.

Three-colored pork liver porridge was previously 30 grams of rice, 30 grams of liver, half a carrot, 3 spinach, minced ginger, refined salt, sesame oil seasoning, chicken soup (or broth) 1 large spoon.

(1) Put rice into the pot and add water to cook into a gruel.

(2) Wash and chop pork liver, chop carrots into pieces, peel and chop tomatoes, and chop spinach with boiled water.

(3) Put the pork liver puree and carrots in the pot, add the chicken broth and cook, and add the cooked porridge with tomatoes and spinach.

(4) Season with salt and cook for a while. Add a little sesame oil at the end.

About fish mud: Pack clean fish and cut into 2 cm pieces, fish soup, starch.

Wash the fish, add a small amount of salt and boil it in hot water, remove the bone spurs and skin, put it in a bowl, grind it, and then add the fish soup to the pot to cook; mix the starch with water and pour it into the pot, cook until the paste is overFish: 1 tablespoon of fish, 2 tablespoons of grated white radish, and spoon of kelp.

After the fish is cleaned and boiled in hot water, remove the bone spurs and skin, grind in the container and put it in the pot with the white radish, then add the seafood soup and cook until it is pasty.

Salmon mini rice ball 1.

Freshly fried salmon is carefully shredded and prepared with 2 tablespoons.


Remove the water from the hot vegetables and chop them up. Prepare 2 tablespoons for use.


Mix the above ingredients with soft rice and knead them into small rice balls.

[Roasted pears with rock sugar]_How to make_How to make

[Roasted pears with rock sugar]_How to make_How to make

This method of roasting pears with rock sugar is believed to have been eaten by everyone. It is very effective for cough and cough, and it can moisturize the lungs and expel phlegm.

The method of making roasted pears with rock sugar by our child is also very simple. We just need to wash the pears and cut off the core. After adding the rock sugar and baking for more than half an hour, the rock sugar can be completely turned into the pears.

Rock sugar roasted pears is a dish with pears as the main ingredient.

The method of making roasted pears with rock sugar and 10 grams of rock sugar with 1 accessory ingredient of pear

Wash Sydney and cut 4 pieces to remove core 2.

Poke them 3 again with a toothpick.

Oven 200 °, bake for 1 hour, remove and remove toothpick 4.

Add rock sugar 5.

Then put the skin-side up, cover it with plastic wrap, and let stand for 2 hours until the water comes out6.

After the water comes out, cover with tin foil and bake at 200 ° for 1 hour. Peel the skin and pour on the syrup to eat. 7

After the second effluent, add rock sugar to roast, and it can become light brown caramel syrup.

Wash the pear, cut it into four petals, and dig out the middle core. Then, close the four petals with a toothpick, place it in a bowl, and bake in an oven at 200 ° C for 1 hour. Remove the toothpick after removing it.


2. After putting in the rock sugar, put the skin-side up, cover the plastic wrap, and let it stand for 2 hours until the water comes out; 3.

After the water comes out, cover with tin foil and bake at 200 ° for 1 hour. Peel the skin and pour on the syrup and serve.

Cooking Tips: This roasted pear is also best eaten while it is hot. Roll it with caramel syrup when you eat it. If you are sweet, you can try it.

[Can you eat cheese to lose weight]_Slimming_Impact

[Can you eat cheese to lose weight]_Slimming_Impact

Cheese is very popular with children. Cheese is a product from the West spread to China. The conversion of cheese is not too high. If you want to lose weight, you can eat cheese to condition your body, but you ca n’t eat too much cheese.Fermentation, which contains many lactic acid bacteria, can promote tandem peristalsis.

Cheese also contains some linoleic acid.

It is also helpful to the cardio-cerebral blood vessels. Let me explain it in detail below.

The cheese quantum is not particularly high, 328 kcal / 100 g, 1 slice of cheese (10.

0 grams) contains quantum 33 kcal, the content of adults is small, only 20-30%, so eating a moderate amount of cheese will not make you fat.

In fact, many people have a misunderstanding of cheese and think that if they eat cheese, they will gain weight.

As long as the cheese is healthy and correct, it will not gain weight. Fermented cheese and yogurt-like lactic acid bacteria can effectively protect the health of the injection channel. Although cheese can be relieved, the cheese contains saturated fatty acids and linoleic acidAnd linolenic acid, linoleic acid can also help to reduce the minority of the human body, as well as the effect of increasing satiety, so as long as you do not greedy cheese, you will not gain weight.

Of course, here is the pure cheese.

The cheese cake in the cake shop is definitely a high content food. In addition to cheese and other additives such as egg cream frosting, a small cheese cake may cause the calories of the day to exceed the standard, and you should definitely eat less.

[Will you drink ginger brown sugar water for a long time]_ often drink _ effect

[Will you drink ginger brown sugar water for a long time]_ often drink _ effect

Although brown sugar is also a kind of sugar made from sugar cane, brown sugar is added with some honey and other substances in the process of making, so brown sugar is very good for women’s body.

The benefits of ginger made drinks are also very obvious to the human body, but if brown sugar and ginger are mixed together to make ginger brown sugar water, the taste of this drink will rise to a level.

But is it good for you if you drink ginger brown sugar water for a long time?

The efficacy of brown sugar and ginger water 1, conditioning menstrual periods, nourishing blood: Female friends can drink a cup of ginger brown sugar water before lunch every day, which can nourish blood and nourish qi.

A glass of ginger brown sugar water can also warm a woman’s body, increase energy, activate qi and blood, speed up blood circulation, and smooth menstruation.

2. In addition to wind, cold and fever, typhoid headache and nasal congestion: Because ginger brown sugar water can treat colds, colds, fever, headache and nasal congestion, this method is most commonly used to prevent colds and colds.In the rain, drink a bowl of ginger brown sugar water in a timely manner, sweat from warmth, and feel comfortable, often to achieve the purpose of prevention.

3, spleen and stomach, warm stomach: brown sugar is the so-called refined crude sugar, which retains free vitamins and minerals.

It is not only suitable for women, but also suitable for the elderly. It is especially suitable for people who are frail and recover from serious illness.

Notes on drinking brown sugar ginger water Although brown sugar ginger water is very effective, it should not be replaced too much.

10 am and 3 pm are more suitable alternative times. These two times are more active gastrointestinal activities, which is conducive to the absorption of brown sugar and ginger water nutrients, and is beneficial to promoting blood circulation.

It is not advisable to drink too much brown sugar and ginger water at one time. It is enough to drink 250 ml at a time. If you drink warm, you can burn your mouth if it is too hot, and develop a habit that is bad for the esophagus.Activating blood works best.

Brown sugar ginger water is on an empty stomach, and it is not suitable to exchange it before taking medicine at bedtime.

Taken on an empty stomach, it is easy to irritate the intestines and stomach, causing gastric mucosa discomfort; recombination before bedtime, slow digestion and metabolism at night, easy to accumulate sugar, and easy to gain weight; alternative medicine effect, brown sugar ginger water if taken with it, will affect the efficacy.
Through the above analysis, we learned some knowledge about the efficacy and inclusion of brown sugar ginger water.

Although brown sugar ginger water is a good thing, it cannot be replenished frequently, and it must be within a reasonable period of time according to your needs.

No matter what is the best, you should not overdo it, so as to avoid oversupply. Reasonable and effective control of the amount is very important.

[Hunan Hengyang Specialty]_Area_Species

[Hunan Hengyang Specialty]_Area_Species

Hunan is a place that many people often go to. This is also a popular tourist city. Most people choose to go to Hunan during the winter and summer vacations. There are many small cities in Hunan, which are very unique.The local beauty and many special foods are very nostalgic.

Many people in Hengyang, Hunan have visited, and Hengyang’s specialties are even more diverse and very distinctive.


Daylily Daylily is one of Hengyang’s specialty products and a traditional vegetable that people like to eat.

Because of its golden color, strong aroma, fresh fragrance, fresh, smooth and fungus, straw mushroom, high nutritional value, it is regarded as “the treasure on the table”.

Stewed pork ribs and scrambled eggs are good practices.

However, it should be noted that fresh daylily contains colchicine, which can cause symptoms of fermenting tract poisoning, so it cannot be eaten raw. It must be processed and dried. The firepower should be large and thoroughly heated. It should not be excessive.


Yunwu Tea Yunwu Tea is named because it is produced in the high mountains and clouds of Nanyue.

Traveling to Hengshan is exhausting. Buying some cloud-mist tea and taking it back, refilling a pot can not only help you feel tired, but also an excellent souvenir. When the faint fragrance of tea flows between the teeth and jaws, the beautiful scenery of HengshanSeems to be vivid again.


Nanyue Goose Fungus Nanyue Special Seasoning.

It is made by frying and soaking with goose fungus, hence the name.

There are dozens of bacteria on Nanyue Mountain.

The geese goose spit light brown, shaped like an umbrella, as small as a copper coin, and as large as a vegetable bowl. It is homogenized with loose meat and fat, sweet and sweet, fresh and delicious.

Now, make soup and stir-fry.

Try to eat as chic as possible, that is, fresh goose mushrooms are fried in boiling tea oil, and then put in tea oil and stored in jars.


The protection scope of Xianglian Xianglian Geographical Indication products is the whole county townships of Xiangtan County, Hunan Province, Yintian Town, Shaoshan City, Yongyi Township, Ruyi Township, Shaoshan Township, Meilinqiao Township, Xiangxiang City, Dongjiao Township, Longdong Town, Lishan Town, Central34 townships, including Sha Town, Shan Zao Town, Mingzhao Township, Hetang District, Zhuzhou City, and Bailian Township, Hengdong County, Hengyang City, now have administrative areas.

[Can fish and sweet potatoes be eaten at the same time?

[Can fish and sweet potatoes be eaten at the same time?

Fish is an important food for human beings. Children like to eat fish because the taste of the fish is soft and waxy, and the fish can be fried and eaten. It is also a pleasure to eat fish.

Adults will also encourage children to eat fish, because fish are rich in nutrients and help children develop their brains, and we often say that children who eat fish will become smarter.

Fish can be eaten with many things, can it be eaten with sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes and fish can be eaten together. They are nutritious foods, and there is no conflict between them.

Black fish avoid eggplant-with stomach pain.

Turtles avoid amaranth-poisoning with food.

Ophiopogon + catfish poisoning with the same food, you can use mash to crush the poison.

Jujube + fish + spring onion with indigestion.

The amount of copper precipitated from vitamin C in fish meat and tomatoes had a suppressive effect.

Common carp and pickles: can cause digestive tract cancer.

Carp and red beans are in a gram.

Carp and pig liver: the same food will affect digestion.

Common carp and licorice: the same food will be poisoned.

Carp and pumpkin: the same food will be poisoned.

Sturgeon and pork: The two react biologically and are not good for your health.

Fish and pig liver: the same food has a stimulating effect.

Honey fish and honey: the same food will be poisoned.

Sturgeon and dog meat are the same: the two are fed together, and the effect of warming the fire is stronger, which is not good for ordinary people.

Eel and beef liver are relatively different: they react biochemically and are not good for your health.

Yellow fish and buckwheat noodles: the same food will affect digestion.

Sea fish and pumpkin: the same food will poison the catfish and beef: the same food will cause poisoning.

Sweet potato belongs to the tubular flower order, annual plant of Convolvulaceae, more than 2 meters in length, lying on the ground, and the leaves are usually wide oval, 4-13 cm long, 3-13 cm wide, corolla pink, white, palePurple or purple, bell-shaped or funnel-shaped, 3-4 cm long, capsules ovate or oblate, with false braids, divided into 4 chambers, with underground roots, roots spindle-shaped, outer skin yellow or purplish red.

Sweet potato protein protein, starch, pectin, cellulose, amino acids, vitamins and various minerals, has the reputation of “longevity food”.

The reason why sweet potatoes are called sweet potatoes is because they are “imported.”

In Qing Dynasty Chen Shiyuan’s “Golden Potato Biography Records”, “Collected Minhou Hezhi” was quoted: “Luzong is grown overseas by sweet potatoes.

During the Wanli period of the Ming dynasty, Chen Zhenlong of Fujian traded there and gained vine seedlings and planting methods into China.

Drought and drought in central Fujian.

Zhenlongzi Jinglun Bai, when the governor Jin Xue once ordered the trials, had great gains and could fill half of the grain.

[What is high calcium milk]_action_effect

[What is high calcium milk]_action_effect

Basically drinking milk helps to supplement calcium, and through the improvement of health concept, more and more people are loyal to high-calcium milk.

The word Wenshengyi high-calcium milk refers to milk rich in calcium. For people in urgent need of calcium supplement, drinking high-calcium milk is more helpful for calcium supplementation.

But what is high calcium milk?

What is the difference between high calcium milk and ordinary milk?

The so-called high calcium milk, as the name implies, is milk with higher calcium content.

The calcium content in milk is enhanced by artificial addition to increase its nutritional value.

Also called calcium-fortified milk.

The so-called fortification, in nutrition, is to supplement a certain nutrient in a certain food, and such food is called “nutritional fortified food”.

In fact, there are many such “nutritional fortified foods” in life, such as iodized salt and iron soy sauce.

High calcium milk is to “fortify” the calcium in milk, but it is also a “calcium supplement” for milk.

It is rumored that you should drink high-calcium milk for calcium supplementation, because high-calcium milk contains more calcium and the effect of calcium supplementation is better.

The truth In fact, the raw material of high calcium milk is also ordinary milk, but during the production process, artificially adding some extra calcium can also become a higher calcium content in high calcium milk.

Although we usually call it high calcium milk, it actually has a more professional name: “calcium fortified milk”.

The so-called fortification, in nutrition, is to supplement a certain nutrient in a certain food, and such food is called “nutrition-fortified food”.

In fact, there are many such “nutritional fortified foods” in life, such as iodized salt and iron soy sauce.

High calcium milk is to “fortify” the calcium in milk, but it is actually “supplementing calcium” to milk.

Many calcium-containing substances can be added to high-calcium milk as calcium agents, such as calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, calcium phosphate, milk calcium, calcium citrate, and the like.

At present, calcium carbonate and milk calcium are used more often.

Adding calcium to high-calcium milk is also limited. Adding a large amount of calcium to milk is actually a very technically difficult thing, which can easily destroy the stability of the protein system and affect the taste and sterilization stability[5].

On average, the calcium content in 100 ml of ordinary milk is between 90 and 120 mg.

那 么什么样的牛奶才能称之为 “ 高钙奶 ”根据我国最新的营养标签标准中规定 , 比普通牛奶的钙含量高 出 2 5 % 以上 , 才能称之为 “ 高钙奶 ” 8 [] 。 In other words, the calcium content of high-calcium milk should theoretically be more than 25% higher than ordinary milk.

That is to say, the theoretical calcium content per 10 ml of high calcium milk should be 112 mg to 150 mg.

Milk itself is already a high-calcium food. There is a delicate balance between protein and calcium, just like riding a scooter. Each position corresponds to a calcium ion. They sit in their respective positions safely and orderly.With a group of other calcium, this balance is bound to be broken, and some people will have no seat.

The trace amount of casein in milk is very sensitive to calcium ions. The addition of calcium will cause bridge flocculation between caseins at the milky interface of the milk, resulting in problems such as precipitation and milking.

Studies have found that when calcium carbonate is used, the amount of calcium carbonate added is zero.

5 ‰ -2.

0 ‰ or milk calcium is added at 0.

5 ‰ -1.

At 5 ‰, the precipitation in the high-calcium milk gradually increased, and, as the restoring time prolonged, this precipitation became more and more increased.

The calcium content of high-calcium milk is only slightly higher than that of pure milk. For every 10 milliliters of milk, the calcium content of brand 1 pure milk is 792 mg, while the calcium content of its high-calcium milk is 81.

2 mg; calcium content in brand 2 pure milk is 9 7

3 毫克 , 其高钙奶含钙量为 10 7 4 毫克 9 [] 。 It can be seen that the difference between the calcium content of many so-called high-calcium milk products and ordinary full-fat milk may not reach more than 25%. Compared with ordinary skimmed milk, there is not that much difference.

Therefore, in terms of calcium content, “high calcium milk” is not as “different” as expected, and extra money does not necessarily bring more calcium.

In addition, the national standard GB14880-2012 “Standards for the Use of Food Nutrition Enhancers” also has strict requirements on the amount of calcium added, which is based on the results of local residents’ needs and risk assessments.

As much as possible, avoid and avoid adding too much to affect the taste, and the body is not easy to absorb.

Therefore, in the production of high-calcium milk, “calcium” can not be added as much as you want.Milk has a high calcium content. The calcium content of every 10 milliliters of milk is usually about 10 milligrams / 10 milliliters. Drinking a glass of 250,000 grams of milk can dissolve about 250,000 milligrams of calcium, which is equivalent to 1/3 of a day.

In addition, the calcium in milk is easily absorbed by the human body. The calcium in milk exists in free form and can be directly absorbed. The other 2/3 of calcium is bound to casein, which will replace the digestion of casein.When released, it is easily absorbed.

The artificially added calcium has a very low absorption rate.

Affected by cost, most of the high-calcium milk now contains calcium carbonate, which is not ideal for absorption in the human body.

Conclusion High-calcium milk has a higher calcium content than ordinary milk, but the milk itself is rich in calcium. The increased amount of “calcium” does not cause a huge difference, and the large absorption effect does not have the calcium of milk itself.it is good.

In addition to the normal diet for adults, half a catty of ordinary milk per day, coupled with high-calcium foods such as leafy greens or tofu, can meet daily calcium needs.

There is no need to deliberately buy high calcium milk.