[Fresh dried longan blood?]

Everyone knows that longan is a very nutritious food. Many people prefer to eat dry longan, and we can also add some longan when we make hot pot base. In fact, longan is eaten in various ways, oftenEating longan is also good for the body. For some people with weak qi and blood, you can use longan as a snack to replenish qi and blood. Is fresh fresh longan nourishing blood?

Of course, the blood is replenished. Yuangu was called longan, also known as longan, round eye, fuguiyuanyuan, puzzle and so on. It belongs to the genus Sapinidae.

Fresh longan flesh is milky white, translucent, sweet as honey, and the dried meat becomes dark brown and flexible. It is called longan meat, which is edible and medicinal.

Contains sugar, protein and various vitamins and other nutrients, it is one of the delicious fruits people love.

Longan is very rich in nutritional ingredients, with protein 1 per 100 grams of fresh longan.

2 grams, aunt 0.

1 gram, carbohydrate 16.

2 grams, 13 mg calcium, 26 mg phosphorus, 0 iron.

4 mg, thiamine 0.

04 mg, riboflavin 0.

03 mg, Niacin 1.

0 mg, ascorbic acid 60 mg.

The content of protein, carbohydrates and minerals in the dried product increased significantly, but the content of ascorbic acid decreased due to the effects of processing.

Carbohydrates are mainly in the form of glucose and sucrose, so they have a sweet taste.

In addition, it also contains adenine, choline, tartaric acid and other substances.

Because it contains a lot of trace elements that are good for human health, longan has long been a good medicine.

Its main functions are soothe the nerves, cure insomnia, forgetfulness, and surprise.

The ancients highly valued the nutritional value of longan, and many cursive books introduced the nourishing and health-care effects of this product.

As early as the Han Dynasty, longan was used as a medicine.

Yan its function to raise the mind and intellectual wisdom.

It has the effects of nourishing and strengthening the body, replenishing the heart and soothe the nerves, nourishing the blood and strengthening the yang, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, and moisturizing and beauty.

Longan has a high sugar content and contains glucose which can be directly absorbed by the human body. It is weak and anaemic, old and debilitated, and chronically ill. It is very beneficial to eat some longan. It is also an important supplement food for women after giving birth.
Longan has nicknames such as longan, puzzle, and bead. Because its seeds are round and shiny, and the umbilical cord is white, it looks like the legendary “dragon” eyes, hence its name.

Fresh longan is extremely tender, juicy and sweet, and delicious, which is unmatched by other fruits.

Fresh longan is dried into dried fruits and becomes longan in traditional Chinese medicine.

Longan contains a variety of nutrients, has the effect of nourishing blood and soothing nerves, strengthening brain and nourishing, nourishing the heart and spleen, and is a traditional food for strengthening the spleen and wisdom. It has better effects on insomnia, heart palpitations, nervous breakdown, memory loss, and anemia.

Some domestic scholars have published related papers on anti-aging of longan, suggesting that longan will become a rare anti-aging food.

After anticancer research on dozens of natural foods and drugs in many countries, it was found that the inhibition rate of longan on uterine fibroids exceeds 90%, which has attracted the attention of medical scientists.

Menopause in women is a stage in which gynecological tumors occur.

Properly eating longan is good for your health.

Longan has a tonic effect, and it has a supplementary effect on those who need to recuperate and have a weak constitution after illness.