Turn white?

Method is very important

Can lemonade lose weight?
Turn white?
Method is very important

What do the little fairies think of when it comes to lemons?

Is it a feeling of sourness in the mouth, and involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of water.

Although, acid makes us frown, but we still love it?
Of the 10 girls, about 8 are always lemonade.

Five functions to improve immunity The rich vitamin C in lemon water is very helpful for the immune system to fight cold.

Vitamin C can increase the bioavailability of non-heme iron by a factor of four, and also helps promote the body’s absorption of iron.

Promoting digestion of lemon water can stimulate gastric secretion, improve the digestive function of the stomach, and remove toxins from the digestive system.

Sometimes, we have indigestion, symptoms of possible discomfort, some nausea, and bloating, try lemonade.

Improves the skin, because lemon oxide supplements vitamin C and many antioxidants, the antioxidant effect of lemonade helps to deal with free radical damage in the body and ease the aging process.

Its vitamin C vitamin C can help amino acids synthesize collagen, protect the skin, prevent wrinkles from becoming early, and apply lemon juice to the sputum and scar marks to achieve desalination.

Supplemental Energy Lemon is one of the many foods with negative ions that inject extra energy into your body.

If you are under stress and are worried, you can drink a glass of lemonade to improve this mental state. Its taste has a positive effect on the nervous system, which can bring a happy mood and refresh the mind.

Promotes Wound Healing Vitamin C is one of the important nutrients that promote wound healing and maintain bone, tissue and bone health. It also helps neutralize free radicals and inhibit metabolism in the body.

How to make a cup of lemonade 1, choose a lot of fresh lemons, it is convenient, you will buy dried lemon slices to soak water but vitamin C is a more active antioxidant, light and heat will cause damage to it.

Moreover, vitamin C is a carbonated vitamin, which is exposed to oxygen-rich air when it loses moisture, and is easily accelerated by oxidation.

After being dehydrated, the dried lemon is continuously exposed to the air, and the vitamin C content can be said to be almost zero.

Therefore, it is best to choose fresh lemons.

And the lemon must be cut with skin and cut into thin slices, because some of the skin’s flavonoids are higher, such as orange peel compounds, pomelo peel compounds, etc., they are all healthy.

Lemon essential oil is also mainly in the skin, and thinning is beneficial to the aroma components in the lemon peel.

The remaining lemon can be coated with some honey in the front, wrapped in plastic wrap, and stored in the refrigerator for three days.

2, the water temperature of about 60 ° C is more suitable for some people say that lemon can not use hot water bubbles, fear of loss of vitamin C.

In fact, the acidity of lemons rises, and the heat resistance of vitamin C is better under acidic conditions. It is not as easy to lose as imagined. If the water of lemon is too cold, the fragrance is not easy to be soaked; but if you use boiling water, it willIt is not very good to dissolve toxic bitter substances.

3, lemon soaked in water must be light If you use lemonade instead of boiled water to quench your thirst, then the water must be light.

A large piece of lemon with a lump of water, can pour 3?
4 small cups, usually brewing 2?
3 times, when there is no lemon taste, you can change the new one.

The lemonade soaked out is not sour, more fragrant, can be placed without sugar or honey, and the energy contained is almost negligible.

Steps of soaking lemonade Wash the lemon thoroughly with a hard brush, put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours, take it out and slice it (15-20 slices per lemon), put it in a closed container, add honey, add cold waterFilled with no lemon slices, covered containers, and placed in the refrigerator for refrigeration.

The next day, 2 pieces of water can be recovered and brewed with warm water, which can stimulate the rich VC in the lemon.

The rumor about lemonade lemonade can lose weight?

Legend has it that lemon is rich in acid, which can detoxify the intestines and scrape oil to remove fat.

If we say this, in the age of wasteful food, our ancestors had already starved themselves because of stomach acid scraping. In fact, in the small intestine, the human body secretes alkaline substances to neutralize stomach acid.And the acidity of the food itself.

Therefore, the most important effect is to promote the body’s peristalsis and make your appetite wide open.

In addition, if you drink sugar, honey lemonade, whether it is fructose in honey or sugar in sugar, will bring energy.
According to 5% sugar, 200 grams of sugared water contains 40 kilocalories of energy. If you drink two cups, it is equivalent to eating 1/4 bowl of rice, so people who control weight still need a limited amount, want to lose weight, or correspondingKeep the law of energy, hold your mouth and open your legs.

Can lemonade drink white?

Some people say that lemon contains vitamin C, which can dilute the formed melanin and whiten the skin; but some people say that it contains some photosensitizing substances, and after eating it, it will make people black.
So what is the correct statement?

First published answer: Drinking is not enough, whitening and blackening are just illusions.

To whiten, first understand why the skin turns black.

Melanocytes are distributed between human epidermal cells, which contain tyrosinase to oxidize tyrosine into a multimer, and then undergo a series of metabolic processes to produce melanin.

In this process, to prevent blackening, one is to use an antioxidant to reduce melanin, and the other is to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase.

The role of VC is mainly to prevent the reduction of melanin by antioxidants, which is also the principle of VC whitening.

The high VC content in the lemon can be whitened by drinking lemonade?

VC’s whitening effect is mainly based on absorption, and a small amount of internal effects is not obvious.

And the vitamin C content in lemon is not high, 22mg / 100g.

Ingested VC is not as good as eating Chinese cabbage (31mg / 100g).

Therefore, drinking lemonade whitening is only a psychological effect, but don’t catch it all the time, so that the stomach can’t be thinned.

And for those who are worried that the lemonade will turn black during the day, the answer is: think too much.

I believe that everyone has heard of the photosensitive material. The reason why it will turn black is because it contains photosensitive substances, such as lemon, which contains the photosensitive substance, furocoumarin.

When the photosensitive substance enters the skin, if it is irradiated with strong light at this time, it will react with sunlight, and the exposed part of the skin will be red, swollen, rash, accompanied by obvious itching, burning or tingling.

However, the furocoumarins in lemons are mainly found in lemon essential oils, and the use of lemon slices to soak in water does not absorb much.

In order to achieve an effective dose, you have to eat a few hundred at a time, you have to bring skin. In general, although the lemonade is good, don’t expect too much from it, want to be healthy and healthy, orTo balance constants and persist in motion.