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Health is more valuable than anything. If you lose more health, you will notice that there is no meaning. A reasonable diet is an important guarantee for health. The practice of kitty cat cake is easy, and the materials are all our lives.It can be seen everywhere, especially for those busy office workers.

1. The cake embryo is ready to be divided into three pieces.

2, whipped cream with sugar powder to make hard foaming.

If it is too soft, it will leak when it is tired.

Send a little better 3, a layer of cake germ, a layer of cream and a layer of fruit.

There are 2 layers of sandwich 4 in total. Cream the sides and smooth them.

Close the top 5 cleanly, do not stir the cream red too much.

Easy to leak 6. Find a picture to draw the basic outline of the cat on the cake plane.

Draw with a toothpick.

7, with a small six-tooth flower mouth.

Add florets inside the silhouette except for the bow and nose-mouth glasses.

8. Fill the bow with red.

With six teeth flower mouth.

The edges are squeezed red.

Draw the outline with chocolate line cream.

9. Replace the edges with two flower mouths.

One red and one white.

Squeeze to the end.

10. Fill the nose and beard with chocolate line cream.

The nose is yellow 11, and you don’t like the decoration of the edges.

Chocolate chips or sticky peanuts can also be used.

12. In fact, although it ‘s a bit of a hassle to cook by yourself, it ‘s more economical. Kitty cat cakes are simple in practice and the ingredients are ordinary, suitable for ordinary families.