The words of the fortune teller are not unreasonable, let you know one or two.

The ancestral heirloom!
The words of the fortune teller are not unreasonable, let you know one or two.

The ancestral heirloom!
The words of the fortune teller are not unreasonable, let you know one or two. The life of the individual is not so smooth, it is all stormy, and it is spent in the ups and downs.

The amount of love, the amount of wealth, the success of the business, the happiness of marriage, and so on, are important things in life, and I want to have a bottom.

The so-called one life and two transport three Feng Shui four Jade five reading, six seven-phase eight respect God Shenjiao ten people health.

When a person is born, the year, the month, the day, and the time, there are fixed numbers. As long as the weights of the middle-aged, month, day, and time of the bones are added together, the weight is eight characters, and the following is called “bone song”.It is possible to predict the fate of this person’s life!

Birth year weight: 1941:6 money 1942:8 money 1943:7 money 1944:5 money 1945:1 two 5 1946:6 money 1947:1 two 6 1948:1 two 5 1949:7 two 1950:9 money 1951:1 two 2 1952: 1 two 1953: 7 money 1954: 1 two 5 1955: 6 two 1956: 5 money 1957: 1 two 4 1958: 1 two 4 1959: 9 money 1960: 7 money 1961: 7 money 1962: 9 money 1963: 1 two 2 1964: 8 money 1965: 7 money 1966: 1 two 3 1967: 5 money 1968: 1 two 4 1969: 5 money 1970: 9 money 1971:1 two 7 1972: 5 money 1973: 7 money 1974:1 2 2 1975: 8 money 1976: 8 money 1977: 6 money 1978: 1 two 9 1979: 6 money 1980: 8 money 1981: 1 two 6 1982: 1 two 1983: 7 money 1984: 1 two 2 1985: 9 money1986: 6 money 1987: 7 money 1988: 1 two 2 1989: 5 money 1990: 9 money 1991: 8 money 1992: 7 money 1993: 8 money 1994: 1 two 5 1995: 9 money 1996: 1 two 6 1997: 8Money 1998: 8 money 1999: 1 two 9 2000: 1 two 2 birth month weight: January: 6 money February: 7 money March: 1 two 8 April: 9 money May: 5 money June: 1Two 6 July: 9 money August: 1 2 5 September: 1 2 8 October: 8 money November: 9 money December: 5 money birthday weight: first day: 5 money second two: 1Two juniors: 8 money, the first four: 1 two 5, the fifth five: 1 two 6 early六:1 two 5 first seven: 8 money eight: 1 two 6 early nine: 8 money early ten: 1 two 6 eleven: 9 money twelve: one two seventy three: eight money fourteen: one two seventy five: 1 twenty six: 8 money seventeen: nine money eighteen: one two eighty nine: five money twenty: one two 5 廿 one: one two two two: nine money 廿 three: 8 money 廿 four: 9 money廿 five: 1 two 5 廿 six: 1 two 8 廿 seven: 7 money 廿 eight: 8 money 廿 nine: 1 two 6 thirty: 6 money birth time weight: child time: 1 two 6 ugly time: 6 money 寅 time: 7Qian Qianshi: 1 two hours: 9 money time: 1 2 6 noon: 1 two time: 8 money Shen Shi: 8 money time: 9 money time: 6 money time: 6 money (hour table: child time: 23:00 ――1:00 ugly time: 1:00 – 3:00 pm: 3:00 – 5:00 pm: 5:00 – 7:00 pm: 7:00 – 9:00 pm: 9:00- 11:00 noon: 11:00 – 13:00 no time: 13:00 – 15:00 application time: 15:00 – 17:00 酉 hour: 17:00 – 19:00 戌 time: 19:00 – 21:00 at the time of the sea: 21:00 – 23:00) About the common sense of numerology, it is really vast.

Eight-character fortune telling, heaven and man are one, it is a statistics, but also an application.

The following experiences are expected to help you: First, the eight-character law: the fate of the bureaucracy, the more work, the more officials, the more deaths, the more lonely, the more fierce, the more food, the more injuriesHarm, blade multi-residue, robbery and defeat, Lu Duo poor, Maduo running, rushing more uneasy, more enthusiasm, more arrogant, more Yin, deeper, tomb library, more than six parents, no money is not true, no official pressure,No printing, no blessings, no harm, no chic, no killing, no roots, no roots, no self-reliance.

Second, the official official seal: good deeds, for people and ambiguity, look high, look far, have blessings.

The official is printing the mouth: the official is being printed and self-satisfied, and it is stable and stable to sit on the river, and the prestige is far away from the guests. Ronghua is rich in the world.

Three, four fierce gods: four fierce gods, not well-regulated, unpredictable, alert, changeable, difficult to coexist, such as: than the robbery officer, be stingy, stingy, cheap, people see people, notoriousShow.

Partially printed officials, lips and tongues right and wrong, speak harshly, narrow-minded, can not accommodate people, retaliatory.

The printing is robbed, lazy, sitting on the profit, the heart is higher than the sky, life is thinner than paper, teasing ghost ideas, hi fraud.

The injured officer killed seven, did not work in the right, the friends of the friends, the betrayal of the heart is very heavy, easy to flow into the underworld, rogue.

Fourth, the ancestors father and mother: financial officials printed in the year and the moon, generally speaking, the ancestral industry is good, the foundation is deep, some ancestors are landlords, some are bureaucratic homes, and some are scholarly.

Injury and robbery is generally a poor family. The foundation is shallow, the six parents are not dependent, some are sinister and notorious, the disabled are early, and the prison cell is fighting.

Four fierce gods are generally talented.

Five, face: four Jishen gods, long rules, face and face, a talent, a person and awkward, elegant.

Four fierce gods, long rough, unique bones, dexterous and clever, unpredictable, rude.

Sixth, work: Siji Shenshun is carried out in the environment, and the social environment has a better fate.

The four evil spirits are advancing in a contradiction, and the social environment is deteriorating.

The so-called chaotic heroes are the four fierce gods.

Seven, marriage: Siji God is relatively stable, men care for the family, consider the division, have a sense of responsibility, and vice versa, it is not the same.

Marriage swearing: How do you know that a man is like a bee, and the money is dying and dying, and the murder of the murderer is even seven, but not in the red building.

Four fierce gods, love influence, fresh, rushing, daring, like a bee like to pick flowers everywhere, engage in affair, extramarital affairs, pick up girls, especially the robbery of the injured and even kill three evil stars together, it is even more chaotic.

Eight, seven kills: Mouth: Seven kills more ghosts to be home, day to night things like numbness, not from official disaster disputes, injuries and encounters.

More than seven kills are death gods, and the catastrophe smashes into the human body, and the four murders come to the scene to survive and die.

The horse is not good enough to go to the cliff. There is a reason for the difficulty. It is because the machine is more arrogant and the causal cycle is a hypocrisy.

Nine, the monthly order point: the financial officer printed the present, good planting and planting; the wounding and robbery should be cast, and the vicissitudes of life began to become gold.

That is to say, if the monthly order is the four gods, it is not destroyed by power, and the life is destined to be a good life.

On the contrary, the monthly order is the four fierce gods. If there is no system, it is fierce.

The monthly order is smashing: the Tibetans at home are blessings, no harm, no robbing, and good fortune.

I often hear that the fortune teller said that this character has a blessing. In fact, the biggest blessing is the monthly eunuch, and the official is the blessing star.

Ten, swearing: the home is not even strong, and likes to have a partial official to be a martial arts, but every time the punishment breaks through the ground, a red cloud sees blood.

The sheep blade is a human weapon, and the moon blade is a knife star.

If the combination is good, the knife and the gunman will be used. If the combination is not good, the knife will be killed or killed.Eleven, seven kills: born to kill seven months in the Tibetan, shooting in the hands and feet will see the injury, father and mother 爹 mother can not force, defy the family wealth less tax.

This life should go out, go out to see someone to help, processing and repairing you to be lean, make a fortune and go abroad.

Twelve, partial print: born in the middle of the moon, the men and women must be emotionally hurt, the character is a little nervous, more sensational shots, cleverly like a mountain, blurred like a cause, seeking for profit and easy to be excited, deceivedAlso correct.

The ghosts and ghosts are not separated, asking God to worship Buddha is a homely one.

Thirteen, swearing: the god of food is afraid of who is hurt, the financial guards can help, and most afraid of killing the same, and the disease is into the cell.

The god of food is an actor, and he has the wealth to be a singer, and he is a gambler.

The god of food is useful for the sake of Shougen, and the slow and slow is expensive. If the official does not have seven kills, the wealthy encounter is like the Imperial Gate.

The god of food is an actor, an art star.

Wenwu Shuangquan, skills, crafts, medical skills, performing arts, talent, literature, etc. This is the talent of the god of food, the specific positioning to see the combination.

(1) The god of food loves to see wealth, and the god of wealth is born from heaven, but it is necessary for the Lord to help.

(2) The god of food is most afraid of the seven killings and the gods together to spoil the situation, and the life is not good. It is not the disaster and the disaster is the disaster of the cell.

(3) The food god sees the prosperous and the seven kills, loves to gamble, is the life of a defeated family.

(4) The food godhead has not been destroyed, blessed and has a long life, and is happy and healthy.

(5) The food god sees the wealth, and meets the official, the power, the combination, the official to the ministerial level.

Fourteen, swearing: use the partial printing to fear who hurts, children come to anger and kill to help, the most favored partial wealth and kill ratio, the three wise are friendly and long.

The partial print is a bitter root. The father hurts the mother to stand on his own roots, and the murder is more scams and more thieves.

It is not difficult to use partial printing. There is money for food and injury. If you kill for a long time, you will not be able to make ends meet.

The partial print is a bitter root. The partial print is to grow on the berberine. Why is the partial print? He is specializing in the blessing of the gods, so the talent is thin.

Naturally generated information about father and mother, the combination is not good, sick, disabled, suicide, and many short-lived.

The partial printing is mostly a self-made person, and the fortune-telling fortune is called to rely on mountains and mountains to fall, relying on water and water to do it, and the six parents have no support.

(1) The partial printing grid is good to see that the combination of the seven killings and the partial wealth will be rich and lasting. Because only the partial wealth suppresses the fierceness of the partial printing, it is friendly and friendly.

(2) The partial printing of the grid is better than the robbery. This is a combination of fishing and profit, which is printed on the main brain, and the ghost is smashed.

(3) Seeing the injured officer in the partial printing, this is the combination of theft, the partial printing of the main brain, the ghost of the injured official’s risky move, technical manual.

(4) Seeing the seven kills in the partial printing grid, there is no financial star to suppress, it is the heart of the villain, and it makes the wisdom faint.

The so-called villain is the kind of person.

However, if the seven kills are too much, they will break their hands and be disabled.

The eight characters are not perfect, and life is not going forward. There is always a lack of this one.

But we are able to control our own hearts, and our hearts are perfect, and our lives will be completed.