Qigong can treat neurasthenia

Neurasthenia is caused by long-term persistent over-stress of the brain’s nerve activity, leading to dysfunction of the brain’s excitation inhibition.

Its main manifestations are: increased excitability, such as irritability, easy to feel sad, sensory organs are allergic to internal and external stimuli, sleep disorders, memory loss, mental strength are easy to fatigue, work and study efficiency is low, autonomic dysfunction, worryingAnd suspicious.

  The nerve cells of the human cerebral cortex have overcome tolerance, and after the usual day-to-day mental activity, although fatigue occurs, it can be restored by appropriate rest or sleep.

Some factors that can cause persistent tension and long-term inner conflicts, such as the death of a loved one, excessive learning burden, unsatisfactory work, uncoordinated relationships, family disharmony or long-term ideological contradictions, make the neural activity process strong and lastingNervous breakdown occurs when the ground is in a state of tension that exceeds the limits of the nervous system.

  The mental labor is over-stressed and stressful and accompanied by emotional persistent tension, or improper work, disorderly, disorderly, disorderly, lack of work and rest, often changing the rules of life and sleep, causing excessive nervousness of the brain function, can also lead toNervous breakdown.
In terms of personality, those who are timid, inferior, sensitive, suspicious, distorted, lack of self-confidence, or too subjective and self-willed, eager and strong, people with poor self-control are prone to neurasthenia.

  The main principle of the treatment of neurasthenia is to eliminate the causes of tension and adjust the brain dysfunction caused by tension.

In this respect, Qigong has its own unique features.

First of all, qigong requires practitioners to be quiet and natural when practicing.

Pine refers to the relaxation of the spirit and form together.

Static refers to the tranquility of the spirit. On the basis of the active relaxation of the spirit, the consciousness enters a special state of being like sleeping and not sleeping.

This state allows the cerebral cortex to actively rest and adjust, which is beneficial for relieving and eliminating the persistent tension of the brain and helping to treat neurasthenia.

  In essence, when the practicing Qigong reaches the static state, the body completely undergoes various beneficial adjustments and changes in the objective, and subjectively, it can also cause the mood to be extremely comfortable and the mind is very open.

So in a good emotional state.

This plays an important role in eliminating the negative emotions often associated with neurasthenia.

In addition, through long-term Qigong exercise, self-cultivation, and cultivation of sentiment, which affects people’s temperament character to a certain extent, is also an important factor in the prevention and treatment of neurasthenia.

  While treating neurasthenia through qigong, you should recognize the cause and recognize that the disease can be cured.

Establish confidence, eliminate tension and doubts, keep a happy and comfortable mood, and solve your psychological problems with mental health.

Give play to subjective initiative, understand the effects and effects of Qigong on neurasthenia, persevere, adhere to practice, and take effective measures to eliminate the environmental factors of disease, and create conditions for practicing Qigong.