The nutritional value of the cockroach

Hey, also known as horseshoe, water chestnut, dragonfly, dragonfly, blackbird, bodhi, pear.

The crispy taste of the palate, juicy and sweet, is an important ingredient in the Chinese cuisine to increase the taste!

However, the benefits of sputum are not after this, nutritionists said that moderate consumption of sputum can prevent edema, inhibit Staphylococcus aureus, and the role of E. coli, have certain benefits for interventional health care, prevention of colorectal cancer, high CP value!

  Underground Sydney – 荸荠 Nutrition!

Moderate consumption benefits Many Taiwan Cancer Foundation Zheng Xinyi nutritionist said that 荸荠 also known as wild chestnut, horseshoe, horse potato, because it grows in the mud, plus the taste is crisp, slightly sweet, like Sydney, so there isThe name of underground Sydney.

In terms of nutritional value, the volume per 100 grams (about 9 stars) is only 67 calories, and in addition to increasing moisture, the cumulative fiber is up to 2.

A height of 1 gram has a good effect on improving constipation.

  It is also rich in vitamins A, C, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

Among them, the highest potassium ion content, containing 461 mg of potassium per 100 grams, moderate absorption of thirst, diuretic, prevent edema.

  Most importantly, in recent studies, the unique puxiin contained in sputum replaces antibacterial, inhibits Staphylococcus aureus, and the effect of bacterial reproduction. Moderate absorption helps protect gastrointestinal health and maintain good bacterial balance.The role of preventing cancer from coming to the door is a lot of benefits!

  Are you right?

The dietitian teaches you to buy fresh Zheng Xinyi nutritionist and also teaches you how to choose and save the way.

She suggested that when purchasing, it is better to choose a full size without reducing the hole, and it is better to lightly press the thin and hard.

Generally, the skinned cockroaches can be stored in newspapers and stored in the refrigerator for about 7 days. Do not put in the frozen to prevent the pulp tissue from being damaged by cold, which affects the taste.

  If you are worried about handling the problem and want to buy it that has been peeled well, you should observe whether the appearance is soft, mucus and odor. Once the flesh is black, it means deterioration. Do not eat.

If you still have doubts, you may wish to replace the vacuum packaging, the quality is more secure.

  [Nutritionist Xiaoyan]: Although the nutrition benefits are many, the dietitian is still reminding that due to the rich potassium ion content, it is recommended that people with high blood potassium problems should eat it in moderation; or use hot water for 3 minutes before eating.Annealing later helps to reduce the doping of potassium ions.