Improve the easy-to-use Chinese medicine

Emotional grammar comes from the five elements of the theory of Chinese medicine. The grammar is derived from the Five Elements of Life, and it is easy to replace. It can be used to prevent and treat certain emotional diseases, sometimes producing unexpected effects.

  ”Shang Shu Hong Fan” said: “Five elements, one water, two fires, three oaks, four gold, five earth.”

The leeches run down, the fire sputum is on, the rafts are straight, the golden plaques are from the leather, and the soil is smashed.

The laws of the five elements are: wood fire, fire soil, earth gold, gold water, aquatic wood.

The rules of the five elements are: Mu Ke Tu, Tu Ke Shui, Shui Ke Huo, Huo Kejin, Jin Kemu.

Chinese medicine classifies the various tissues and functions of the human body into five physiological and pathological systems centered on the five internal organs, which attribute the various emotions and appearances of the human body to five ambitions (hi, anger, sadness, thinking, fear, fear)Five emotional changes characterized by the five substances in the five elements.

As early as in the “Nei Jing·Yin and Yang should be like the big theory”, there are: “There are four and five lines in the sky, to grow and collect, to produce cold and dampness.”

People have five internal organs, and they are angry and worried.

Therefore, the mood is irritated, and the heat is hurt.

“The five elements, the five internal organs, and the five ambitions have quite serious relative relationship between each other. The law of the phase is: liver wood → spleen soil → kidney water → heart fire → lung gold → liver wood, then the rule of five gram is: anger →Thinking → fear → hi → sad → anger.

  Once the emotional change of the five ambitions exceeds the human’s ability to withstand, the corresponding five internal organs will have some functional distortions and reflections, so there will be “angry liver”, “happy sadness”, “thinking the spleen””Sadness in the lungs” and “terrorism in the kidneys”.

For example, the emotion corresponding to “wood” is “anger”, and the corresponding viscera is liver and gallbladder.

Under normal circumstances, liver gram (in terms of) spleen, liver evacuation, blood storage function helps the spleen to transport the water valley and blood, function.

On the contrary, “anger” is the most vulnerable to damage to the liver (biliary), and directly affects its “child”, certainly not “gram soil”, attenuating the ability to control the digestive function of the spleen and stomach.

Liver gas cross-reversal will be occupants of the stomach, there are symptoms of liver and spleen, liver and stomach disharmony, the so-called “muwang ride soil”, “know the liver and spleen.”

Liver disease affects its “mother” for a long time, which can lead to kidney deficiency, sore waist and knees, tinnitus and forgetfulness, dizziness and other symptoms, called “water does not contain wood”, “child disease and mother”.

The five elements can be deduced by analogy.

  Emotional grammar is a treatment that uses an emotion to correct another emotionally victorious situation.

For example, “sweet and sorrow” is the fire of gold, and it is a happy thing to overcome sorrow; “sorrowful anger” is Jin Kemu, which uses sorrow to overcome anger; “angsheng wins” is muq soil, is to use angerThe method is to get through the thoughts and entanglements; “Thinking for fear” means Tuokeshui, and using induced thinking can restrain the panic; “Terrorism wins” is the water and fire, which is controlled by intimidation.

  Emotional grammar rehabilitation is easy. We give two examples to illustrate that the method of “anger triumphant thinking” can resolve too much thinking, and the feelings are not open, helping to maintain the balance of the original “mu Ke Tu”.

  There is a case in the “Hua Yu Chuan” that uses the method of “angshengsheng” to cure the disease: there is a county to seek treatment from Huaying, and Huaying passes through the hope, smells, asks, and then cuts it out: the cause is excessive thinking.Injury to the spleen and stomach, causing qi stagnation and blood stasis in the stomach.

Hua Tuo took a lot of gifts and left. Not only did he not prescribe medicine, but also wrote a letter to blame the patient. He really angered the county guard. The anger could not stop, the mouth vomited blood, and the result was angry, but the blood in his stomach was removed.After the gassing, I no longer think more and think about it, and the disease has healed.

  In the TV series “Bright Sword”, our army’s excellent combat commander Li Yunlong was punished after independence and arbitrarily. He was dissatisfied, his thoughts were chaotic, his mood was low, and he did not think about eating, as if he had a serious illness.

The political commissar used the excitement to anger Li Yunlong, making him angry, exporting a big sigh, and after calming down, he calmed down and suddenly realized that his own cultural level is low, his organization is not disciplined, self-deprecating will only rush to kill, and ask the political commissarRemind the help, turn to the heavy burden, and eat and drink in a big mouth.

  The above two cases have improved the use of the “anger is on the air” to treat the “thinking gas knot”.

This kind of emotional grammar, which can be used flexibly anytime and anywhere, is also the most economical and practical therapy.

  Emotional grammar does not move hard, although through the five elements of doctrine can understand the corresponding impact of emotional injury and viscera, the relationship between the five sorrows, but can not mechanically think that anger will only hurt the liver, thinking is only hurtThe spleen can’t be stereotyped to think that making sorrow can certainly overcome anger, and tempting it to anger will definitely win over thinking and spending.

  Although emotional rehabilitation is easy to perform, but when the effect of treatment is not good, you should go to the psychosomatic medicine department of the hospital in time, and seek medical advice from the psychology department.

This is because the human body is an organic whole, emotional activities are complex and changeable, individual psychological traits are different, the degree of stress is different, life background and working environment are different, and patients with basic diseases need more.Consider comprehensive treatment.

Clinically, it should be different from person to person, syndrome differentiation and treatment, and auxiliary psychotherapy can improve and consolidate the curative effect.