[Hunan Hengyang Specialty]_Area_Species

Hunan is a place that many people often go to. This is also a popular tourist city. Most people choose to go to Hunan during the winter and summer vacations. There are many small cities in Hunan, which are very unique.The local beauty and many special foods are very nostalgic.

Many people in Hengyang, Hunan have visited, and Hengyang’s specialties are even more diverse and very distinctive.


Daylily Daylily is one of Hengyang’s specialty products and a traditional vegetable that people like to eat.

Because of its golden color, strong aroma, fresh fragrance, fresh, smooth and fungus, straw mushroom, high nutritional value, it is regarded as “the treasure on the table”.

Stewed pork ribs and scrambled eggs are good practices.

However, it should be noted that fresh daylily contains colchicine, which can cause symptoms of fermenting tract poisoning, so it cannot be eaten raw. It must be processed and dried. The firepower should be large and thoroughly heated. It should not be excessive.


Yunwu Tea Yunwu Tea is named because it is produced in the high mountains and clouds of Nanyue.

Traveling to Hengshan is exhausting. Buying some cloud-mist tea and taking it back, refilling a pot can not only help you feel tired, but also an excellent souvenir. When the faint fragrance of tea flows between the teeth and jaws, the beautiful scenery of HengshanSeems to be vivid again.


Nanyue Goose Fungus Nanyue Special Seasoning.

It is made by frying and soaking with goose fungus, hence the name.

There are dozens of bacteria on Nanyue Mountain.

The geese goose spit light brown, shaped like an umbrella, as small as a copper coin, and as large as a vegetable bowl. It is homogenized with loose meat and fat, sweet and sweet, fresh and delicious.

Now, make soup and stir-fry.

Try to eat as chic as possible, that is, fresh goose mushrooms are fried in boiling tea oil, and then put in tea oil and stored in jars.


The protection scope of Xianglian Xianglian Geographical Indication products is the whole county townships of Xiangtan County, Hunan Province, Yintian Town, Shaoshan City, Yongyi Township, Ruyi Township, Shaoshan Township, Meilinqiao Township, Xiangxiang City, Dongjiao Township, Longdong Town, Lishan Town, Central34 townships, including Sha Town, Shan Zao Town, Mingzhao Township, Hetang District, Zhuzhou City, and Bailian Township, Hengdong County, Hengyang City, now have administrative areas.