[7 steps to improve the quality of husband and wife intercourse]

Although sexual life is mainly accomplished through the brain and sexual organs, the health of other organs and systems in the body can also have an impact on the quality of sexual life.

“Fitness” and “health” have common ground in all aspects, or they are completely connected and completely identical.

The seven steps of two American health experts are both the key to fitness and the key to improving sexuality.

To improve the quality of sex, you must learn these seven steps1. Strong cycling, swimming, brisk walking, aerobics exercise, running on fitness equipment and other fitness exercises can enhance the endurance of the blood circulation system, and at the same time make you have sexMore durable capabilities.

When you have sex, although there is extracorporeal blood flow to the limbs and reproductive organs, it will not affect the blood supply in other parts, and the brain still has sufficient blood supply.

Improved blood circulation is also conducive to hormone secretion. At the same time, women with complications have a more adequate Y tract.