14 stocks including Qilian Mountain in the interim quarter were funded by Kitakami to be sold

Daily News Pro Pro season, these forecasted substantial funds to buy shares eligible north (list) Original: Fan Luyuan treasure of data: A total of 556 eligible north capital increase within the data Bao Fan Luyuan stocks this month, only 14 won northward financial strength efforts Opening.

  The A-share market sentiment weakened this week. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell below the half-year moving average. Northbound funds accumulated a net exchange of US $ 6.2 billion in the first two trading days. In the early trading, it exceeded US $ 1 billion again, with a cumulative net increase of US $ 5.2 billion in the month.

Finally, the market closed yesterday. In this month, a total of 556 shares have been increased to cover positions in Kitakami Capital, and some of the semi-annual reports have been outstanding.

  Fourteen outstanding pre-increased stocks were funded by Kitakami Capital. The first interim reports of the two cities were released last night, and the stocks entered the interim report period.

In the end, more than 600 listed companies in the two cities have disclosed semi-annual report results, and 186 shares have been pre-increased, of which 14 shares have been increased by more than 0 this month.


  Since July, the share of Qilianshan’s northbound capital holdings has increased by 1.

06%, the largest increase in Masukura.

The performance forecast shows that due to the increase in product sales, decline in production costs and increase in investment fair value changes, the company expects to achieve a net profit of about 500 million US dollars in the first half of 2019, an increase of about 128%.

  China Test detects that the proportion of Northbound funds holdings increased by 0 in July.

84%, followed by Masukura.

The holder of Kitakami Capital currently holds 19% of the company’s shares in total equity.

7%, second only to A-shares after Shanghai Airport.

The reported company’s operating efficiency and scale effect have improved, and it has received multiple government subsidies. It is expected that it will realize net profit in the first half of the year.

500 million to 1.

USD 6.6 billion, an increase of about 200% a year.

  From the perspective of the performance of the secondary market, only 14 of the 14 stocks have a prosperous environment. The three shares of Huatest and Bairun have been declining since July, and the remaining 11 stocks have outperformed the market.

Yisheng shares are expected to have a cumulative growth of 29% this month, the largest increase.

Affected by rising chicken prices and tight market supply, the company expects to achieve a net profit of 900 million in the first half of the year, a growth rate of over 26 times.

  A number of white horse stocks were significantly reduced by Kitakami ‘s funds. Since this month, Kitakami ‘s funds have reduced their positions by more than 0 on 25 shares.

5%, many of which are popular white horse 厦门夜网 stocks.

Tiger Pharmaceuticals, Shanghai Airport, Yunnan Baiyao, Rachael Bell and ST Antong (rights) have reduced their positions by more than 1%.

  Among the above 25 shares, 5 shares have announced the interim report performance forecast.

Tiger Pharmaceuticals and Luxion Precision Interim reported outstanding pre-increasing results. The combined average of the two shares hit a record high not long ago.

Hikvision’s performance continued to be profitable, and its profitability was roughly comparable to the same period last year.

  La Chapelle’s shareholding position of Northbound Capital fell by 1 this month.

42%, the company’s first quarter net profit 94 from zero.


The performance forecast shows that based on the company’s overall sales, the actual decline in gross profit each year, taking into account the company’s business transformation adjustments, cost reduction and efficiency gains and other conversions will take some time to achieve, the company expects the first half of the net profit to fall by more than 50%.

Company leaders ran to an all-time low last month.

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