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China has a vast land and a vast area with a large population and is composed of 56 ethnic groups.

As a result, many foods are eaten differently in various places in China. For example, many people have discussed whether dumplings are sweet or salty in the past few years. Such problems will arise mainly because of regional differences.Different tastes.

Deep-fried ravioli is a method of eating ravioli in the southern region. Let’s learn about the practice of deep-fried ravioli?
Since its development, 至今 has become a well-known snack with various names, various productions, and delicious flavors, spreading all over the country.

Numerous names are known, and most places in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are called 馄饨, while Guangdong is called Wonton, Hubei is called Bao noodles, Jiangxi is called clear soup, Sichuan is called Shou Shou, Xinjiang is called Ququ, and so on.

There are too many characteristics in various places, which have been praised by diners. The famous one is Chengdu Long Chao Shou Restaurant, which has a variety of varieties, thin skin and tender filling, and delicious soup.A variety of seasonings, dipping seasonings; Sanxian fresh soup in Songyunlou, the old temple of Shanghai’s old city, the filling is exquisite, thin-skinned stuffing, delicious taste; Ququ, Urumqi, Xinjiang, lamb as filling, thin-skinned filling, clear soupFresh wait.

In Hong Kong, some restaurants have fried ravioli in hot oil until they are golden and crispy to serve. This is called “deep fried ravioli.” This practice is also popular in foreign countries.

[Crispy Ravioli]Ingredients: pork bones, shrimp, coriander skin, small rapeseed, shallot, ginger, coriander, salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, chicken essence, sesame oil, allspice powder, cooked peanut oil.

Practice: 1.

Add allspice, chicken essence, sesame oil, raw soy sauce to the bone and meat, add chopped onion ginger, coriander, fresh shrimp deshelled, shrimp line, dye with cooking wine and salt, cut into small pieces and put in the meat., Chopped vegetables and add meat, pour fully cooked peanut oil, stir well, add an appropriate amount of salt, marinate for a while.


Put the right amount of meat into the crust, fold it in half, and pinch the corners.


Wet and dry the drawer cloth, wrap it in the drawer and steam for 15 minutes until cooked.


Put an appropriate amount of osmium sulfate in the pot until the two sides are golden and the skin is crispy.

[Fried fresh meat wonton]Ingredients: wonton skin, 200 grams of pork, 2 shallots, 3 grams of salt, pepper, 2 grams of sugar, 20 grams of cooking wine, 20 grams of raw soy sauce, sesame oil, chicken essence.

Practice: 1.

Wash the pork and shallots, peel the pork and cut into pieces, chop the shallots and use a knife to cut the filling.


Add the minced pork into the bowl, add the green onion, salt, sugar, cooking wine, pepper, salt, chicken essence, sesame oil, mix well to make a filling, and wrap it into ravioli.


Add oil to the pan, heat and simmer in the wok on low heat, and chopsticks turn over to fry the golden color. Remove the drain oil and dip it in soy sauce and vinegar.